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Why In this moment are appropriating whorephobic shits

October 5, 2013


by @notahappyhooker It’s late, and hardly the best time to be starting a blog based on rage at having our experiences as sex workers appropriated by a bunch of publicity seeking twunts who think having feels about sex workers and shouting them from the rooftop is an acceptable way to behave. I suppose after Sinead […]

Who is Everyday Whorephobia?

August 11, 2013


Many thanks to all who helped with this post. Everyday Whorephobia grew out of a number of late night conversations on twitter between current and former sex workers. Sometimes sparked by something as simple as a TV show, at other times by real life attacks and abuse. We knew the excellent @SexWorkStigma  existed, set up to […]

Dont put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington.

August 5, 2013


The sixth in our series on problematic languge, this post addresses the “But would you want your daughter to be a sex worker?” When the antis plan their next line of attack the “Would you let your child be a prostitute?” masterclass must be packed to the seams, since it is brought up every time […]

How I became a client.

July 29, 2013


Those opposed to sex work try to demonise service users, and claim we need protecting from them. This piece challenges the idea they are anything but ordinary men and women. by Dexter Richards I did something recently with another adult behind closed doors in private. It was legal in the city where I reside. It […]

Liscensing and sex work

July 25, 2013


An ally writes on why, as with alcohol, measures to control humanity rarely work and often have unintended consequences. I am not an expert on sex work, though I know more about it than many would. I am not an expert on the licensed trade (in alcohol), although, again, I know more about it than […]

Finding my voice

July 21, 2013


Some people may have already read this post by a sex worker explaining why being a victim of rape does not take away her ability to consent, it is worth repeating, since so many do not seem able to grasp this basic concept. This post discusses in detail and quite graphically my first hand account of rape and sexual […]

Friday the 19th; Fighting back

July 18, 2013


I don’t think anyone could have imagined what was going to grow out of the pain and tears at the murder of two sex workers, very different women,with different stories who shared one thing, stigma surrounding their work that led to their deaths. As jasmine’s mother said one person held the knife but the state […]

When the State trafficks women

July 16, 2013


This post discusses the Nazi providing women for sex in Concentration Camps. Thanks to @everay1 for writing it Content note:rape, The Holocaust,violence against women. The likes of Ruhama are not the first to see prostitution as a scourge that needs to be eliminated.  Adolf Hitler saw sex work as a sign of moral degeneracy and, […]

Exited and Prostituted

July 15, 2013


The fourth of our posts on problematic language is reblogged from The Honest Courtesan with Kind permission of @Maggie_McNeill. You can read the original here. Though there are occasions on which the passive voice is useful and appropriate, that is not true most of the time.  And when the topic is anything political, it’s almost […]

It’s not about your feelz

July 13, 2013


99% of those who advocate an end to prostitution do so from a position of believing it is morally wrong for sex workers to sell sexual services. Oh they hide it behind claims of caring about trafficking, or child abuse or the murder of sex workers, but the facts do not bear them out. They […]