Passing Comment?

This page is more intended for non sex workers reading the blog, but we would ask all to read it before commenting.

Sex work is work. Comments that suggest sex workers are unable to consent, have false consciousness, are too ill educated or mere pawns of the sex industry may be passed, but only so they can be pulled apart for the whorephobic rubbish they are.

This is not the site to argue about the moral rights and wrongs of selling sexual services.

Blaming sex workers for their abuse, or the abuse of non sex working women will not be tolerated.

A sex workers lived experience will always trump theory.
Do not wander into “you are not representative” .Following on from this sex workers will always have the last word on what is or isn’t whorephobia. If they call you out on it, listen, learn, do not deny.
As with the guidelines for written submissions, no racism, sexism, ableism, slut shaming, homophobia, classism, transphobia, kinkshaming.

Debate is healthy, insult is not, keep it polite or keep it to yourself.

7 Responses “Passing Comment?” →
  1. Good evening. I should like to add this site to the list of ‘Recommended websites and blogs’ on our website, would that be OK with you? Thank you.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)


  2. Thanks – understood. Our readers are a robust group of people.

  3. On page 15 of our public consultation document we have a proposal reflecting a statement by the English Collective of Prostitutes:

    Click to access 130630-j4mb-public-consultation-document-5-draft.pdf


  4. Alexia Bird

    August 18, 2013

    Really interesting site, looking forward to learning more. I wonder also if the ‘antis’ realise how much they could be damaging all women’s sexualities and sexual identities. To promote and popularise a vision where women are split into camps could result in a lot of shut down in women who could otherwise be quite liberated through exploration. Whilst I don’t work in the sex industry, I am so glad it is there to keep possibilities open for all kinds of men and women. In fact, perhaps my main reason for not joining it is my fear of the stigma, so I wholeheartedly support your campaign against it.


  5. Charlie

    October 4, 2013


    I was interested in your tweets about Sinead’s reprimanding of Miley.

    I totally sympathise with your cause a mature society should be able to destigmatise sex work and I understand how using ‘prostitute’ as a slur is totally whorephobic. Before finding your blog/twitter this wouldn’t have occured to me, and it is always positive to have your mind opened. Thank you.

    However, I also think it is appropriate to question why Miley may be exploiting her sexuality, and the broader effect it has on our culture. Even for your own cause – Of course a society which views one gender foremost as vulnerable sex objects and the other as insatiable beasts*, is not going to respect all consensual sex choices between informed adults.

    I suppose I’m just advocating a media which celebrates women for their intellect, or talent or whatever, as much as their sexuality – and it only celebrates a narrow view of female sexuality at that. If out culture was willing to have a more balanced view of gender and sexuality, maybe we could be less whorephobic.

    Or perhaps I’m just rockin the same patronising tone as Sinead.

    If so, I apologise. Maybe I could make you pancakes to make up for it.

    In the meantime I’m off to lick a hammer. Love and respect,


    *OK this is a crude characterisation

    • Your concerns are vaild, and its why slut shaming is such a huge issue, and the current lose the lad mags and anti porn agenda of so many mainstream feminists will not help women. The current idea is you can be respected for your brain or your body (the whore/maddonna split) at the moment we are in a situation where whorephobia is increased by the idea that a good woman is one who isnt sexual.

      Yes limited gender roles are pushed, but the solution is not to limit them either further.


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