Society is permeated with attitudes towards sex workers that stigmatize us. We are seen as the spreaders of disease, marriage wreckers, immoral, and unfit parents. Sex workers face the loss of their homes and families if their work is known, as well as arrest and imprisonment in a number of countries.

Even where sex work is legal these attitudes persist, from the casual use of whore as an insult to the belief we must be uneducated or desperate to choose sex work. The public perception is informed by news and media, film and TV, conversation and campaigns against sex work. This blog is a place to explore all aspects of a culture that denies sex work is work and treats the workers as lesser human beings.

Whorephobia is especially strong in those opposed to sex work, who believe we are too weak or stupid to willingly choose to be sex workers. Every anti sex work campaign is based on those premises, no matter what fine words the campaigners hide behind. In deeming us victims they reveal their whorephobia.

This blog will accept submissions from all sex workers and allies, as well as reposting old posts, however there are some basic rules.

  1. All forms of sex work are acceptable, and none is more valid or of higher status than another; Lapdancing, porn, stripping, full service sex, erotic massage, pro subbing, pro Domming all sex workers face whorephobia. Any posts shaming the sexual choices of another worker will not be allowed.
  2. No transphobic, racist, sexist, abelist, slut shaming, homophobic or classist posts allowed. Lots of people are oppressed in different ways, we will not change the view of us as sex workers by throwing others under the bus.
  3. No drama overspill from other sites. This is not the place to fight personal battles. 
  4. We will not accept any posts that do not see sex work as a valid job choice for some. However we will consider posts from those with negative experiences of sex work, so long as they accept it is still work.
  5. All  genders and sexualities can be sex workers, please be aware of this when reading and writing. 

Contact us at everydaywhorephobia@gmail.com if you wish to submit, or via twitter @whorephobia

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  1. Aphrodite

    July 9, 2013

    Hi there, I’m glad to have found this blog.
    Too much injustice is done to sex workers, under the guise of ‘women’s rights’ and ‘women’s empowerment’.
    I think the general treatment towards sex workers, whether voluntary, out of necessity, or trafficked, is rather disgusting.
    It’s especially dehumanizing the way general society treats sex workers as being stupid, incapable of good reasoning, immature and reckless teenagers, who need ‘help’ by every step they take.
    The most harrowing example, to me, is that of the ‘evacuation’ of children from their mothers, just because they are sex workers (leaving out all other arguments, maybe pointing out that she can be, in fact, a good mother)

  2. Tank you so much for your comments, we are hoping to fight these attitudes.

  3. Something you may find interesting on the topic of whorephobia . http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/diary-of-a-sad-man/

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