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An Explanation, but no apology.

October 25, 2014


Everyday whorephobia is a collective, any current or former sex worker who agrees with harm reduction, decriminlization and our core beliefs (detailed here) can represent us. This representation can be on twitter, writing for the blog or at events. It has to be this way for we believe no one is representative and every sex […]

Why In this moment are appropriating whorephobic shits

October 5, 2013


by @notahappyhooker It’s late, and hardly the best time to be starting a blog based on rage at having our experiences as sex workers appropriated by a bunch of publicity seeking twunts who think having feels about sex workers and shouting them from the rooftop is an acceptable way to behave. I suppose after Sinead […]

Falling over invisible whores

October 3, 2013


  Some of you may have come across the Invisible men tumblr, one of the most whorephobic recent productions of the anti sex work brigade. They of course claim it’s not whores they dislike, but the clients, despite knowing nothing about them, but the tumblr revealed their true feelings.   Firstly the design, sex workers […]

Sex boxes and listening to sex workers.

August 20, 2013


Thanks to Laura Agustin and Aspasie for their help with this post. The heartbreaking death of Tracy Connelly reminded us all that even experienced street workers face immense risks every time they go to work. A combination of a society that historically has condoned, or turned a blind eye to attacks on street sex workers, and […]

Finding my voice

July 21, 2013


Some people may have already read this post by a sex worker explaining why being a victim of rape does not take away her ability to consent, it is worth repeating, since so many do not seem able to grasp this basic concept. This post discusses in detail and quite graphically my first hand account of rape and sexual […]

A makeover too far.

June 29, 2013


This appeared on my timeline this evening, courtesy of @sexworkstigma “Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover” Is Back, And More Hooker-y Than Ever: WATCH June 27, 2013 ● by Chris Spargo Michelle Visage is back with a brand new episode of “Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover,” the only style show that takes ladies off the mean LA streets and turns them into, […]