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A letter from a sex worker.

November 9, 2014


A sex worker sent us a copy of her letter to her MP against the criminalization of sex work in the Modern Slavery bill. We found it to be a moving plea to be heard, and are reproducing it with permission here. Content note for rape and child abuse. I am writing to you as a constituent  to ask you […]

An Explanation, but no apology.

October 25, 2014


Everyday whorephobia is a collective, any current or former sex worker who agrees with harm reduction, decriminlization and our core beliefs (detailed here) can represent us. This representation can be on twitter, writing for the blog or at events. It has to be this way for we believe no one is representative and every sex […]

A Survivour Speaks

April 24, 2014


Hello, I’m Lori from Kink, etc… Recently I shared a bit about my story about being a victim of the industry and a little about how my views of the sex workers has changed. In case you missed it you can find it on Sortify. Today, I wanted to share a bit more about it […]

My Partner is an escort.

June 28, 2013


An anonymous piece from a view we so rarely hear; Many sex workers are in relationships, and our partners share with us and support us. Being the lover of a professional escort in the United States isn’t always easy.  Oh, I imagine it would be very easy in a place where her work wasn’t criminalized, […]