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How about no more misogyny,racism and outings?

September 17, 2013


Over the past two  days The Sun and its Scottish Sister paper have featured  women on their front page. Yesterday In Scotland they outed a sex worker, a story that is as big as non story as exists but the tabloids are obsessed with.  A young woman legally working was slut shamed, and now has […]

Sex boxes and listening to sex workers.

August 20, 2013


Thanks to Laura Agustin and Aspasie for their help with this post. The heartbreaking death of Tracy Connelly reminded us all that even experienced street workers face immense risks every time they go to work. A combination of a society that historically has condoned, or turned a blind eye to attacks on street sex workers, and […]

Hull, whorephobia and those pesky Christian rescuers.

August 14, 2013


The local press is a deep and rich vein of whorephobia. Headlines are written to titillate the small-minded and send them tutting over the tea-table, so it was no surprise to see The Hull and East Riding Mail living up, or should that be down to these barrel scraping standards. Mums ‘selling sex to feed their […]

Friday the 19th; Fighting back

July 18, 2013


I don’t think anyone could have imagined what was going to grow out of the pain and tears at the murder of two sex workers, very different women,with different stories who shared one thing, stigma surrounding their work that led to their deaths. As jasmine’s mother said one person held the knife but the state […]

Pimps and Hoes

July 7, 2013


The third in our series about whorephobic language. Content Note; some of the links in the piece go to media accounts of rape and sexual abuse Hear the word “pimp” and everyone is sure what they mean. The street hustler on the corner with his stable of “hoes”, a scourge on society that all, surely […]

A makeover too far.

June 29, 2013


This appeared on my timeline this evening, courtesy of @sexworkstigma “Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover” Is Back, And More Hooker-y Than Ever: WATCH June 27, 2013 ● by Chris Spargo Michelle Visage is back with a brand new episode of “Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover,” the only style show that takes ladies off the mean LA streets and turns them into, […]

What happened to her, happened to me

June 25, 2013


 A post from a sex worker who has her own personal reasons for understanding the pain and suffering an outing can bring. Originally published by @minxylydia at Minxipedia  As much as I am loathe to link to The Scum, this article was brought to my attention and I felt the need for a rant. For those of you […]