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An open letter to Turn off the red light.

November 11, 2014


This is the text of a mail we shall be sending to TORL about their whorephobic “prostitution ad”. There are many issues with it, but of greatest immediate concern is the suggestion that assaults and rapes of sex workers are not crimes. If you would like to add your name* to the letter before we […]

A letter from a sex worker.

November 9, 2014


A sex worker sent us a copy of her letter to her MP against the criminalization of sex work in the Modern Slavery bill. We found it to be a moving plea to be heard, and are reproducing it with permission here. Content note for rape and child abuse. I am writing to you as a constituent  to ask you […]

Falling over invisible whores

October 3, 2013


  Some of you may have come across the Invisible men tumblr, one of the most whorephobic recent productions of the anti sex work brigade. They of course claim it’s not whores they dislike, but the clients, despite knowing nothing about them, but the tumblr revealed their true feelings.   Firstly the design, sex workers […]

Sex boxes and listening to sex workers.

August 20, 2013


Thanks to Laura Agustin and Aspasie for their help with this post. The heartbreaking death of Tracy Connelly reminded us all that even experienced street workers face immense risks every time they go to work. A combination of a society that historically has condoned, or turned a blind eye to attacks on street sex workers, and […]

Hull, whorephobia and those pesky Christian rescuers.

August 14, 2013


The local press is a deep and rich vein of whorephobia. Headlines are written to titillate the small-minded and send them tutting over the tea-table, so it was no surprise to see The Hull and East Riding Mail living up, or should that be down to these barrel scraping standards. Mums ‘selling sex to feed their […]

Dont put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington.

August 5, 2013


The sixth in our series on problematic languge, this post addresses the “But would you want your daughter to be a sex worker?” When the antis plan their next line of attack the “Would you let your child be a prostitute?” masterclass must be packed to the seams, since it is brought up every time […]

SWerfs/Terfs, the Westboro Baptist Church of feminism.

August 3, 2013


Swerf = sex work exclusionary radical feminist Terf =trans* exclusionary radical feminist. They go hand in hand. The loudest non religious voices opposed to sex workers rights, Bindel and Burchill in the UK, Dworkin, Brennan, Farley, among others, describe themselves as radical feminists.  I leave the argument of whether they are feminists to others, it’s the radical that intrigues […]