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Hate Fest 2014

July 2, 2014


The redfems are back with their annular hate fest, and this time it seems that they are specifically targeting sex work, no surprise since it is in the news and people are committing the cardinal sin of listening to sex workers. One of their key note speakers is Rachel Moran, for those unfamiliar with her […]

French Whores Fight Back.

October 13, 2013


In the English speaking world we have a view of France as somewhere that takes a liberal view of sex, where the erotic is celebrated and frankly, anything goes.  Like all stereotypes it is based more on our ideas about our own country and othering than any reality. This disconnect is no more apparent than […]

No one campaigns for back street abortions…

September 23, 2013


Sex worker activists have faced accusations of not being representative from those opposed to our fight for rights, often coupled with the accusation we glamorize our jobs. This has permeated the discourse around sex work legislation so deeply that many sex workers are afraid to even mention they enjoy their work for fear of being […]

How about no more misogyny,racism and outings?

September 17, 2013


Over the past two  days The Sun and its Scottish Sister paper have featured  women on their front page. Yesterday In Scotland they outed a sex worker, a story that is as big as non story as exists but the tabloids are obsessed with.  A young woman legally working was slut shamed, and now has […]

Dear Nottingham conference organisers,

September 10, 2013


Republishing the full text of the open letter from SWOU to the organizers of the Nottingham Woman’s Conference, who we have already written about here. Please share, and contact them yourselves.  We, the Sex Worker Open University (SWOU), and our co-signatories below, note the stated intentions of your conference. You write, “Women and girls are facing an ever-increasing attack […]

Sex boxes and listening to sex workers.

August 20, 2013


Thanks to Laura Agustin and Aspasie for their help with this post. The heartbreaking death of Tracy Connelly reminded us all that even experienced street workers face immense risks every time they go to work. A combination of a society that historically has condoned, or turned a blind eye to attacks on street sex workers, and […]


August 18, 2013


 Rather than simply reblogging this, we are republishing, it is a very brave, and possibly dangerous post, given the power structures in Ireland. The original was published on The Sex Work Brief. It is such a problem that in Ireland every organisation you might imagine would stand with the oppressed and vulnerable support the church/state […]