An open letter to Turn off the red light.

Posted on November 11, 2014


This is the text of a mail we shall be sending to TORL about their whorephobic “prostitution ad”. There are many issues with it, but of greatest immediate concern is the suggestion that assaults and rapes of sex workers are not crimes. If you would like to add your name* to the letter before we send it, please do so via the comments. *working names are fine.

We the undersigned wish to express our extreme opposition to the parody advert produced by  your organisation. Of particular concern are the statements “NOTE: Accusations of rape will be treated as a breach of contract by employee” and “NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LEGAL REDRESS FOR THE FOLLOWING ON THE JOB HAZARDS:” For a charity to be suggesting that the abuse of sex workers is not illegal, or that sex workers are not able to be raped is simply unacceptable.

Furthermore as discussed by Balfour and Allen (2014) [1] criminalization and stigma directly contribute to the abuse of sex workers, perpetrators target sex workers because they believe the very things listed in this ad, that the crime will not be investigated or treated with seriousness. As the Green River Killer said “”because I thought I could kill as many as I wanted without getting caught.” [2]. Your advert perpetuates the idea that anyone can attack, rape, or even murder sex workers without criminal sanctions.

The rape of a sex worker is still a rape, the murder of a sex worker is still a murder. It is unacceptable for your organisation to suggest anything else. We believe this ad must be withdrawn , a full apology issued, and an explanation of why you think it is acceptable to suggest crimes against sex workers are nothing more than “on the job hazards”.




The Everyday Whorephobia Project

National Ugly Mugs


Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association

Swop Nola

Swop USA (Sex Workers Outreach Project Board of Directors)

Philippines Sex worker Collective

After Bedford (Canada)

Laura Lee (sex worker)

Shelly Stoops, first Specialist Independent Sexual Violence Advisor for Sex Workers in the UK

Susuana Antubam NUS Womens Officer

Elliot Aspley

Sarah Noble Co-ordinator, Leeds University Union Feminist Society.LGBT+ Liberal Democrats executive member-elect

Thundercat (sex worker)

Zoe Stavri

Mike Booth

Kathryn Knight

Lucy Smith,

Mary Quitecontrary (sex worker)

Nicole Nepton (Québec).

Dr. Mary Laing, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Northumbria University.

Laura Stefan

Wendy Lyon

Dr. Alan Sussman

Feminist Whore (sex worker)

Ruairi Doran

Kitten Canoodle (sex worker)

Jude Orlando Enjolras

Simon Dennis

Open Doors NHS sexual health clinic for those working in the sex industries.

Maya Bell

Hayley Speed

Elly Tams

Morgan M Page

Emily Paradise

Adam Parkin

Elizabeth Mcqueen

Sexuality Sanctuary (sex worker)

Joanna Hagan

Naomi Sayers

Dr Marie Bismark FAFPHM

Robert Smith

Yzablle Woolf

Wrenna (sex worker)

Tammy Porter

Rev. Cindy Bourgeois

zexysoftsub (sex worker)


Gaye Dalton


Rich H

Laurelai Bailey

Jason Congdon, Vancouver BC

Christine Clemens

Stephanie  (sex worker)

Fanny Price (sex worker)

Lucy Hesford

Gabrielle (sex worker)

Alan Hooker (sex worker)

Dr E. Cooper

Matthias Lehmann

Wicked Julia (sex worker)

Merry Miss Lissie (sex worker)

Jen Richards

Victoria Preston (sex worker)

Lori Adorable (sex worker)

Robin Ardeur (sex worker)

Emma Evans (sex worker)

Molli Desi Devadasi (migrant sex worker)

Philip Kehoe

Annie Calhoun, (sex worker)

Ken Duarte

Rory MacKinnon

Sara Hunter

Project Safe (Philadelphia)

Raisa Slutsky-Moore

Phil McDuff

Mike Chase

Swop Seattle

Ishfery (sex worker)

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