Hate Fest 2014

Posted on July 2, 2014


The redfems are back with their annular hate fest, and this time it seems that they are specifically targeting sex work, no surprise since it is in the news and people are committing the cardinal sin of listening to sex workers.

One of their key note speakers is Rachel Moran, for those unfamiliar with her she has made a lot of money from a misery memoir about her time as a sex worker, although she prefers the objectifying and dehumanising term “prostituted woman”. As a project we have no issue with those who have negative experiences of sex work, or the survivors of trafficking. The fight for decriminlization and against stigma is not centred on liking your job. As many have said in the past if liking your job was a prerequisite for workers rights and protections most call center workers would be in trouble.

The issue with Moran is she wants further stigma, she believes sex work is not stigmatized enough, and further criminalization under the dangerous and whorephobic Swedish model. It may be a surprise to some that someone who claims to have suffered so much doing sex work is advocating for laws that will harm other sex workers, however there is severe doubt Moran was ever a sex worker. Women who worked in Ireland at the times and places she claims have made convincing claims that she is in fact simply a mouth piece for Turn of the Red light. You can read more about this here and here.

This conference is more than one person of course. They say there will be support for “survivors of prostitution” by which they mean women who hate themselves so much they subscribe to the radfem propaganda that women can only be victims and never have agency. This is not an extremist view in the UK, as can be seen from the speakers list they are supported by Femi Otitoju, from Womens Aid. As sex workers we are used to being denied services by feminist dominated organisations from Rape Crisis to Refuge, and now it seems Women’s Aid. This is particularly harmful to those women who are in controlling and abusive relationships which involve sex work, what the feminists like to call pimping to minimize the reality. It seems Women’s Aid only exist to support women whose job they approve of.

Then there is the transphobia. We unequivocally and without reservation would oppose this event even if it were not whorephobic and anti sex worker. The presence of Janice Raymond alone would make it an insult to every trans person in the UK, and we believe her very presence in the UK is offensive, and may possibly contravene legislation on hate speech and public disorder. Sex workers and trans people are natural allies, especially given the fact many trans young people end up in sex work due to the transphobia in society which denies them other opportunities. Julie Bindel has been no platformed by the NUS due to her persistent and unrepetant attacks on trans people. We believe this no platforming should continue, and extend to everyone who attends, speaks at or supports this conference.

You can help by contacting those associated and making your objections to this hate fest  clear.

Contacts for Womens Aid

Tel: 0117 944 44 11 (general enquiries only)

Fax: 0117 924 1703

Email: info@womensaid.org.uk

Women’s Aid Federation of England, Head Office, PO BOX 391
Bristol, BS99 7WS, England

The venue feels they have been misled about the conference, and withdrawn their support. You could send them messages of support as they are under attack from extremists.

@slimelight on twitter or Email: info@islingtonmetal.com

Be aware the venue may change, we will try to keep you informed if this happens


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