To my nameless friend in the Philippines.

Posted on November 11, 2013


Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Running the @whorephobia twitter account you would meet people from across the world, sometimes when time zones cooperated I would chat with someone from the Philippine sex workers union account, @sex_workers. They are fighting the criminalization of clients, stigma in a Catholic country,police corruption,  American charities determined to infantilize women of colour and just getting by as we all do.

As I watch the news from the Philippines, with the devastation beamed into our warm safe living room, those are not the conversations I am remembering. We talked of how we cope with the lean times. I learnt that the rainy season creates new problems due to a shortage of clients. Every sex worker knows those internal debates when there are children to feed and bills to pay. Do you reduce your rates? Do you agree to do things you would previously declined or see clients who your internal alarms…

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