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 Rather than simply reblogging this, we are republishing, it is a very brave, and possibly dangerous post, given the power structures in Ireland. The original was published on The Sex Work Brief. It is such a problem that in Ireland every organisation you might imagine would stand with the oppressed and vulnerable support the church/state kyriarchy.

I have a feeling this will be my last page here. I don’t think I have any more left to say after this…and I need to say this to someone, desperately…but it is too big a burden to lay on any one person.

I keep asking myself who I have done all this for. I have actually been treated appallingly by the majority of Irish sex workers over many years. I won’t join their cliques, I won’t reinforce their illusions I will not play their games.

I will not endorse or sanction the territorial bullying that despite the different format, remains identical in it’s cruelty and effect among those who call themselves “high class escorts” to the way it was out on the street among women who called themselves “better than those dirt birds indoors who do anything for money”. Two different but similar kinds of pretentious snobbery…


But wait…you show me a sector of humanity where you will not find yet another version of the same mindset and I will show you a cemetery.

The other man’s grass is always greener…so THANK FECK you are so superior to him in every other way.

Collectively I do not like sex workers very much, just as I do not like people very much.

I do not do this for people or sex workers…I do it for Fantine…the one cartwheeling, helpessly, into a void like the “falling man“, asking herself over and over how the fuck it ever came to this…why life would not at least be, if not kind, then reasonable, somehow manageable, or, failing that, just possible would do.

If you think we need to “end the demand” for Fantine…go see the movie again. Do you seriously think taking away the only income she *CAN* get will help her?


She has already sold her hair, her teeth (as dangerous as selling a kidney pre antibiotics) because she could not face selling sex, and it came to the same thing…

…and don’t think I am ignoring everyone who isn’t an “inferior” (sorry but that snobbish crap REALLY gets on my tits)  desperate survival street worker…go read the book, in the full version Fantine was a Grisette…which was 19th century French for “escort”, who fell for a client and became pregnant, assuming he would not leave…well we know how THAT ends, don’t we?

(If you think this is leading up to an unexpected promotion for Ruhama, think again…)

How much good do you think it would do Fantine to be exploited by self serving fanatics who intend to pay themselves huge salaries, cheat, lie and climb up sex workers backs now – then duke it out over who gets the presidency later, and handed over to a vicious brothel keeper (who claims to be “reformed”, but she isn’t fooling we of the audience, now, is she?) so she can be taught habits of thrift, hard work and submission to her betters?

While still being left without enough money to even dream of keeping Cosette safe?

Whatever the root of her problem, whatever the solution, the one thing we can be sure of is that taking away the income from sex work that she needs will only make things worse for Fantine…

…and yet we have NGOs screaming for legislation to do just that.

Fantine is fiction, in one sense there is NO SUCH PERSON as Fantine…in another sense, for all I know, every sex worker may be Fantine inside…I am not willing to gamble against that being the case.

When you put it that way, it should be bad enough for ANYONE to sit up and pay attention, and anyone with a heart to stop a group of ruthless NGOs turning off the only kind of light Fantine and Cosette have…

But sadly, that is not even half of it (NB you will have to join a few dots for yourself here)…

The sex industry in the North West is now rigidly controlled by Romanian Mafia…a no go area for independents. I am told that even the Gardaí do not go near them, so they are a law unto themselves


Shift into educated surmise (and italics) here. The Romanians control almost all sex work in Spain…these guys were arrested in late 2010 but under constant surveillance for 3 years:






Which seems to have left the Feraru family floating around like headless chickens.

Six months earlier a Spanish based Irish Drug Cartel suffered a simlar setback:




Is it possible that the two leaderless operations loosely comprise the operation in the North West? And Dundalk? And maybe now Galway?


Romanian Rachel (Witness  B before the Justice Committee) was established to be working for undesirable Romanians in 2009 when she first came here from Spain.

When she first came here she, and Justine Reilly have now admitted to rooming together, it seems likely they worked for the same people.

Rachel gained control of who went into the Justice Committee, and of a LOT of media coverage after (and everything she put across covertly played into Turn Off the Red Light hands) and ensured the only people who could get in before the Justice Committee were Rachel and ANOTHER ROMANIAN. I suspect the sole brief was to ensure nothing could be said that would raise realistic doubts about Turn Off the Red Light. The Justice Committee report even claims that Rachel (witness B) stated that she works for an agency *NOW*…she claims the Justice Committee are lying and she has asked them to amend it, but the text remains unchanged.

Justine Reilly (Witness E announced to the JOC on Feb 6th that she had seen “subversive involvement in brothels” and suddenly Padraig MacLochlain (Sinn Fein) and Thomas Pringle (Former Sinn Fein now independent) believe PASSIONATELY in Turn Off the Red Light and Justine Reilly against all reason and logic.

Even based on the hard facts above (without any surmise) if Turn Off the Red Light get the laws they want they will *literally* be a gateway for widespread coercion and trafficking that can actually use the law, the Gardai, and even Turn Off the Red Light as weapons.

I would stake anything that Turn Off the Red Light are so arrogant and caught up in themselves and their Machiavellian games that they have not got an earthly clue that they are not in total control of everything, let alone that they are being deliberately reinforced so that they can be used this way.

Swedish Model type legislation will be used as leverage with which to shut down the existing, sub criminal, sex industry and introduce a ruthless and brutally exploitative monopoly at best.  Once that is established it will be many years (even decades), and many real human nightmares, for real people, before anyone can shut it down

Even piecing this together in my own living room is dangerous…posting it in public goes beyond outrageous…but the prognosis is so desperately bad I have no idea what else to do.

Take it to the Gardaí? My information is that many of them already know and how do I work out which ones to take it to?

I thought of taking it to Thomas Pringle and Padraig MacLochlainn and giving them a fair chance to try and sort out the mess they have been enabling…but they both ignore anything on the subject that is not a direct order from “Turn Off the Red Light”…might as well talk to the wall…and the same goes for every other member of the Justice Committee.

I have even thought of taking it to Denise Charlton and/or Sarah Benson and trying to reason with them, but I know, from hard experience that both of them are totally absent any concern for anything beyond the progress of their own careers, and, almost comically, too fecking arrogant to accept that someone had imposed control upon them.

The craziness of their PR mean to admit any organised crime involvement at all is taken as acknowledgement of the need to “end the Demand” when all the time, it was their campaign for Swedish Style legislation that has attracted organised crime and given them leverage for a diabolical monopoly that could not, otherwise, happen.

This is all I can do…except to BEG YOU to pass it on anywhere you can…talk to anyone you know who may have at least some small power to try and stop this.

Turn Off the Red Light love to claim they are “standing up to pimps and traffickers” when, in truth, they haven’t got courage between them to stand up to a rice pudding.

*I* am standing up to pimps and traffickers – though it honestly scares me rigid…because the alternative scares me more.

I am standing up to them for Dolores Lynch and Justine and all the other Fantines.

STAND WITH ME – PLEASE, for them, not for me…


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