Justice for Jasmine

Posted on July 12, 2013


There is too much raw pain right now for the post I hoped to write, about the wider implications of Jasmine’s death, and the way the Swedish media seems already to be rewriting history to make her story fit their narrative, so for now I am simply reblogging this.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

We don’t plan things, not in an editorial sense, we both write about what catches our eye, or makes the fires of rage burn. So there is nothing but a strange synchronicity that means both of our first posts about listening to the victims.

One of the beauties of twitter is you encounter people you never would have under any other circumstances @jasminepetite was one such person. A swedish sex worker she fought with every breath in her body against the laws that criminalized her work and the stigma that refused to listen to sex workers. She had suffered hugely from this stigma, a victim of domestic violence, not only was she not believed, but she was directly told that her real problem was being a sex worker. She is dead, lying in a morgue somewhere, murdered by the partner she reported, the partner who was given custody of her…

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